"Middle Ground" on We Are Moving Stories

Check out this interview I did with We Are Moving Stories about my short film, Middle Ground.

Big thanks to We Are Moving Stories for featuring the film!

P.S. Coming soon - Middle Ground will be featured on FilmShortage.com !!

Click the below image to read the interview:

Nardyne Jeffries Wants You to See What Gun Violence Looks Like

I came across this article today and shared it on social media - I've worked on the issue of gun violence and once edited a video of Nardyne Jeffries for the organization Protest Easy Guns.

After sharing the article, I discovered towards the bottom there was a link to the video I had edited. I'm very proud that the work I did is able to support Nardyne's efforts to reduce gun violence. 

Here's the article: http://www.thetrace.org/2015/10/gunshot-victim-photos-nardyne-jeffries/

Introducing "A Warm Spell" at New York Japan Cinefest

On Thursday, June 4th, Michael Wood and I introduced the film A Warm Spell (Mike shot the film; I produced it) before a screening at the New York Japan Cinefest at the Asia Society.

The film ended up winning the Audience Choice Award! Here's a photo of Mike and I introducing the film as well as some coverage in a newspaper I can't read (which is awesome)!

"The Middle Ground" and Me in "Towson Life"

In the September issue of Towson Life  magazine, a local magazine published in Towson, MD (where I attended Towson University), I was featured on the cover for a story written about my time at Towson, my film work since, my artistic and career aspirations, and my current film (now in Post-Production), The Middle Ground .

Unfortunately, the article isn't online for me to share here, but here's a shot of the cover of the magazine. This is a photo of me on the set of The Middle Ground . The photo is by my friend and classmate, Saba Riazi


"But Not For Me" in Town & Village Newspaper

Check out this article in Town & Village newspaper about my and Ryan Carmichael's new feature film project, But Not For Me

The film addresses the lack of affordable housing, among other socio-political problems, facing up-and-coming young and middle-class New Yorkers. 

Check out and the article and visit our Kickstarter page.